Our Process

At Wiki Group, our approach as independent insurance adviser is to build a long lasting relationship with you based on mutual trust and understanding.

The Process

The Process

  • At our initial meeting you and your personal insurance adviser will discuss the issues that are of concern relating to maintaining your income if you can’t work for some reason and/or have medical bills to pay through to what would happen in the event of death. We follow a structured process designed to explore these issues and clarify your responses.
  • If our discussion reveals any concerns which you wish to take action on, with your permission we will prepare recommendations for your consideration at a later appointment. At this meeting you will be presented with a personalised written document recording the facts of your current financial and personal situation and describing the features of the insurance and how it fits your situation.
  • If you choose to purchase cover through us, we hope it is the beginning of a mutually beneficial on-going relationship. With your permission, we will regularly contact you to reassess your needs based on your changing circumstances.
  • Should you ever need to make a claim, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. We will liaise with the insurance company on your behalf handling the claims process so you can concentrate on other aspects of your life.

What About My Privacy?

As your insurance adviser, we do need to collect information about your legal, medical and financial matters. We realise this is sensitive information and we will treat it with respect, maintaining your confidentiality at all times.

What About Fees?

Like everyone else, we need to be paid for our services. If you choose to buy insurance through us, we receive a commission from the insurance company. This pays for our work in consulting with you about how to meet your current requirements. We also receive remuneration from the insurance company on an annual basis as long as the policy remains in force.

Take the Next Step

To find out more about Wiki Group and how we could help you secure your income and pay your medical bills if you are sick or injured, contact us