Guest Speaking

Big girls do cry

Stephanie Wiki led a perfect life, an entrepreneur with a successful business married to her childhood sweetheart, two beautiful children, close family networks and her best friend from age 4 by her side…..she had a compelling future!
From the outside looking in her life was charmed, from the inside looking out Steph saw her life through rose coloured glasses.
Her story is one of a life turned upside down and the earth literally shaking under her feet. For a 5 year period she went through more than most people do in a lifetime.
It all started with a small lump in 2011- from disbelief through catastrophe and death, Steph has rebuilt her life.
Looking back it all seems unreal to her from the perspective of the happy contented life she lives now.
Join us to hear her story and learn that no matter what comes your way, YOU have the Inner Strength to overcome whatever earth shattering events hit you!


What people say..

“Very open, inspirational.  Loved relaxed manner of speaking & humour.  Vulnerability is at the heart of connection.” C.M. Auckland
“Stephanie definitely inspired me – her positiveness, courage and strength.  I also related well with her terms of my own journey.” E.S. Auckland
“Fabulous!! Don’t know what to say – truly inspirational.” C.M. Auckland
“It was amazing to hear her story, inspirational and very open – frank in her thoughts.”  R.M. Auckland
“Fantastic real life story, lots of learning from this to myself and those I love. Thank you Steph, Sangita & Rohit for organising this.  Well spent night.” S.C Auckland
This talk is a 50 minute talk
Cost : $2500 plus gst

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