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Stephanie Wiki

Stephanie Wiki has worked in the insurance industry since 1994 and was the Founder of a successful insurance brokerage by the name of The Insurance Clinic. After being diagnosed with Cancer in 2011 this business was sold and Stephanie established Wiki Group in 2012, on the belief that by focusing exclusively on life and disability risk management, they could offer clients highly specialised knowledge and experience.

“It was (and still is) unusual for a young woman to work in the insurance industry because it is male dominated. I used to be embarrassed to say that I was an insurance broker. At parties people would give me that ‘what are you trying to sell me’ look. It wasn’t until I started having claims that I could hold my head up and say proudly ‘yes I’m an insurance broker.’ Because when you can be there for someone at a difficult moment in their life and support them financially and in a way emotionally at that time, it’s a pretty remarkable experience,” says Stephanie.

Tori Wiki

After working along side her Mum Steph part time while attending school it bwas never her intention to go into the business on a full time basis as Tori was always going to be a “professional dancer”. However that changed when Steph was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Tori had grown up in the industry from the age if 2, so certainly had more knowledge than most 20 year olds at the time.  In 2012 Tori entered the industry in a sales capacity. After seeing the whole claims process when someone you love gets sick it seemed a very easy choice for Tori.

Supporting the Community

pink dragonsAt Wiki Group we are strong believers in helping others. We regularly sponsor community activities including the Pink Dragons breast cancer dragon boat team and organise free educational and motivational seminars around the country.




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