Our Promise

At Wiki Group, our role as independent insurance brokers is to help you identify risk areas and, where appropriate, negotiate with insurers on your behalf to secure appropriate cover at competitive premiums.

At all times we promise to:

  • Be your champion and advocate
  • Understand you are a unique individual
  • Do the right thing the first time, every time
  • Be respectful and supportive
  • Keep you informed
  • Use easily understood words
  • Compare premiums and policy details from various companies
  • Advise ways to save money
  • Tell you how to avoid hidden traps when making a claim
  • Carefully explain the benefits and limitations of the policies we recommend
  • Work with you until you’re ready and convinced that you are doing what is best for you

At all times we promise NOT to:

  • Baffle you with process
  • Inundate you with information
  • Push products you don’t need or want
  • Chase your signature

Take the Next Step

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